GIA Clecim Press is pursuing the tradition of extrusion equipment developed over the years by LOEWY, MORANE SOMUA, SECIM and CLECIM.

Timeline Stories (EN)


Start of future Clecim as Chavanne-Brunn

Chavanne-Brunn workshops are established for the manufacture of mill rollers in cast iron.


Start of Morane

Morane is founded for the manufacture of metal industry machinery, this company would become an outstanding reference in the hydraulic press manufacturing.


Start of Loewy

Ludwig Loewy associated to become one of the most important manufacturers of machines, tools, rolling mills and hydraulic presses.


Loewy in London

Ludwig Loewy moved to the UK where he founded the Loewy Engineering Co. Ltd. in London.


Secim is born

The Secim is founded, as a subsidiary of Chavanne-Brunn.


Merge of Morane-Somua

Morane merged with Somua, industrial equipment branch of the CAFL group.


Loewy in Davy group

After a number of purchases and merges, Loewy belongs to the Davy group.


Secim and Morane-Somua

Secim buys the hydraulic press division of Morane-Somua.


First front loading press in the world!

Secim builds the first front loading compact aluminium extrusion press in the world.


Clecim is born

Clecim is born, as a result of the merge of Secim and Clesid, a company created in 1974 for the manufacture of large scale equipment for the iron and steel industry.


Start of GIA

GIA is established in Albacete for the manufacture of tooling for the aluminium extrusion.


Clecim and Loewy

The Davy International group purchases Clecim. Loewy hydraulic presses technology is transferred to Clecim.


GIA acquires Clecim

GIA purchases the hydraulic press division of Clecim from the Siemens group, which had previously absorbed the French company the year before. With this purchase, the new GIA Clecim Press Company dedicates to the design and manufacture of extrusion equipment and special hydraulic presses.

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