Engineering for Extrusion Plants

GIA Clecim Press is one of the leading companies to provide engineering solutions to extruders. GIA Clecim Press is a Spanish company located in the city of Albacete, where the complete process of design and manufacture takes place.

GIA Clecim Press is pursuing the tradition of extrusion equipment developed over the years by LOEWY, MORANE, SOMUA, SECIM and CLECIM. Our equipment has been designed and developed by a team of specialists in an effort to meet the highest requirements in terms of performance, reliability and operation currently demanded by extruders.


GIA Clecim Press manufactures complete extrusion plants from log handling up to profile finishing. Auxiliary equipment for the extrusion plants and all kinds of tooling are also supplied.

Copper & Brass

GIA Clecim Press manufactures complete extrusion plants for all kinds of copper alloys. These include copper itself as well as the many brass grades and other less common alloys such as bronze and zamak.

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